BT.CPP for Flight Simulator: Fast enough?


I recently discovered BT.CPP when searching for a BT lib to refactor the AI logic of a military flight simulator for Win. Applications would be in different layers: general strategy, unit tactics but also in AI control of planes (real time). Particularly this last application as AI to control planes and operate avionics, I am planning a full refactoring of an AI right now based in a FSM with 10k lines.

What is your experience in that regard or recommendations?


I honestly have much experience in the video game industry and I am not fully aware of its constraints.

In terms of scalability of the behavior, I am sure you will be better served with BT, rather than FSM.

In terms of execution time the overhead should be very small, but, as I said, my use cases usually focus on robotics, rather than games.

Ty. I will probably give a try and see what comes out.
One thing that called my attention to your project was the ability to visually design the BT tree. This will be IMO a game changer for the development of AI by the players.
If I got it correctly, I need the groot2 for BT.CPP 4, right?
Is there are already an aprox. date for release?
Will it be freeware?


Groot2 will be freeware, where the free part is the editing and real-time visualization probably goes into the paid features.

But since I am interested to your use case, I will be happy to provide a 2 months trial license :slight_smile:

I will come back to you once the release is ready (in about 1 month).